What is "P-3 Alignment?"

Bridging early learning programs with elementary schools is the main goal of P-3 Alignment. The work is meant to build relationships between teachers and families and to help children make a smooth transition from early learning to K-3. As we work in Sacred Little Ones on bridging early childhood with kindergarten and the early grades, the public school districts in northwest Washington State are doing alignment work that you may want to know more about.

Here is their website:

Hand in Hand Parenting’s “Parenting by Connection” philosophy and resources support the work of NWIC’s Sacred Little Ones Project.
Building Emotional Understanding For Parents and Family Members

Through our Sacred Little Ones project, NWIC offers a parenting support class designed to help people raising children be the kind of parents/grandparents they want to be—to raise their children within their family and cultural values, to handle their children’s emotional moments how they wish they could, and to empower parents as advocates for themselves and their children.

The curriculum we use is Hand in Hand’s Building Emotional Understanding and is taught in PRED 137—a course by the same name. Parents, grandparents, and other family members find that they become increasingly able to work with rather than against children’s emotions, to see crying and tantrums in a more positive light, to set limits on off-track behaviors without giving in or giving up, and that parenting becomes more enjoyable with more laughter and deeply connected time with one another.

Once the quarter is over, adults who are parenting have an ongoing weekly support group available to them to continue the skill-building and caring established in the class.