Sacred Little Ones hosts Professional Learning Community and “Celebrating Early Childhood Education Students” dinner

On Friday May 15, 2015 the Northwest Indian College Early Childhood Education Leadership Team, in partnership with the Sacred Little Ones ECE Initiative, hosted our final Professional Learning Community of the academic year, and combined the event with our “Celebrating Early Childhood Education Students” dinner. Our annual spring celebration is designed to recognize the unique efforts and contributions that students have made to the ECE program at Northwest Indian College. We invited current and former Early Childhood Education students at Northwest Indian College sites to attend the dinner, as well as Professional Learning Community participants from Lummi Early Learning Programs, NWIC Early Learning Center, Lummi Teen Parent Child Development Center, and Eagleridge Elementary (in the Ferndale School District).

Lummi Elder Vera Adams led the opening prayer and reminded everyone of the sacredness of teaching and working with young children. The attendees enjoyed a lovely dinner of pasta and salad catered by the Silver Reef Casino, while Shelley Macy shared her passion for the importance of the collaborative process in early childhood professional development and honored all of our ECE students and PLC participants for their dedication to the early childhood field.

After dinner, the group went next door to the studio of Ramon Murillo, Native Artist and Faculty at NWIC, where they learned how to screen-print their own Sacred Little Ones t-shirts. This hands-on project was a great activity to wrap up a productive and dynamic academic year. Many thanks to Ramon and his team for their expert assistance in the printing studio and their patience with all of us novice printers. We will wear our NWIC Sacred Little Ones shirts with pride.

Alicia Allard
Early Learning Center Director
Northwest Indian College

I attended the PLC for Sacred Little Ones on May 15, 2015. It started as normal, sign in and get a name tag, we wait a moment letting everyone trickle in and hug and say our hellos. Vera Adams did a wonderful blessing on the yummy food that was provided for us. We also had Ramon and Eli teach us how to screen print our logo on some sample sheets at first than our t-shirts. That was a great experience learning the different steps in the process of screen printing. A bunch of laughs and smiles where exchanged. The fear of messing up but the courage to trying to apply that even pressure across the test fabric. The doodles we were doing while we waited our turn just a time to relax and enjoy everyone's presents of just being there. We ended the night with cleaning up together and making sure we had everything back the way it was. We also finished up with the final evaluation sheet. It was an awesome evening and I had an amazing time!

Amanda James
Lummi Tribal Member and Head Start Teacher Assistant