Twenty Six and a Half Years! Celebrating Shelley Macy’s Retirement and Honoring her Career

Twenty six and 1/2 years! That is a long time to be devoted to one's work. Shelley started at Northwest Indian College in January, 1989 and has been there through July, 2015 without any intervening work breaks throughout that entire time.

There are many things that are remarkable about Shelley. One of them is her scurrying from one place to another on campus. Another is her constant friendly persona and yet another is her love of children and her dreams to make the world a safe and welcoming place for all children.

It is that love of children that has led her to be an important contributor to Washington State's Early Leaning Department, to organize pathways for Head Start teachers to become credentialed and to provide many opportunities for educators at Lummi and Ferndale School District to create concrete relationships between them and their students of all ethnicities.

Tenacity, did tenacity get mentioned? Shelley fights for children, for fairness, and for connection. Her philosophy, based on Marcie Rendon’s quotation, "All of our children are all of our children," is the basis for the hours devoted to curriculum development, assessment, and teaching.

Shelley has had a good run at it and now it's time for a few moments of rest before she takes on the rest of the world.

Written by Gary L. Brandt
Northwest Indian College Faculty & Ké’ Family Engagement -
Family Play Evenings “Play Team” Member