Northwest Indian College Early Childhood Education Initiatives are for
and by the Lummi community’s children and families

Northwest Indian College is the recipient of $110,000 for the Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative: Strengthening Systems of Shared Responsibility among Native Families, Schools, and Communities

The American Indian College Fund, Northwest Indian College, and the Lummi Community partners and families will engage in collaboration to strengthen the central role families play in early learning opportunities. We will learn not only how to engage and sustain authentic partnerships with families, but also what the innovative activities are which heighten families’ opportunities to meaningfully shape their child’s/children’s early learning outcomes, in preparation for school readiness and success in life. It is a collective goal to develop systemic change that can be shared with other Native communities, centers, teachers, leaders, and families across the nation.

The Ké’ Family Engagement Initiative seeks to strengthen systems of shared responsibility and leadership among Native families, schools and communities. The work conducted in collaboration with families will advance our successes within Native communities, and the knowledge gained will inform the field of family engagement, early childhood education, and preparation of teachers serving Native communities.

Tribal colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to support efforts of social and cultural transformation focused on innovative practices, ensuring family engagement is supported by the richness of Native cultures, languages, and values. When the work of family engagement is centered on families, and when families take center stage defining the focal work and future opportunities to reach educational equity, Native children flourish in a diversity of learning environments.

Northwest Indian College, as one of the selected TCU grantees, represents a diversity of programmatic commitments. We demonstrated initial capacity and greatest potential to develop and sustain family engagement programming that may reach beyond the funding year. We are very grateful for and excited about this new endeavor, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Lummi parents / families, Northwest Indian College faculty / staff, and community partners, who helped to secure this grant.