Northwest Indian College Early Childhood Education Initiatives are for
and by the Lummi community’s children and families

Sacred Little Ones Project Director changes positions, stays connected

Ashia Smock, founding co-director for the Sacred Little Ones Project at NWIC has accepted a position at Lummi Behavioral Health, where she will have the opportunity to work directly with children and teachers at the Lummi Early Learning Programs as a Social Worker. Ashia interned at Behavioral Health for six months as she completed her MSW from the University of Washington, and they just couldn’t let her go. Though we will miss her in the day-to-day operations of the Sacred Little Ones project and at the ELC, we are excited for her and for this opportunity to work more closely with Behavioral Health within Head Start. Ashia is also finishing up her training to become a certified Hand In Hand “Parenting by Connection” instructor. She will continue to work with the Sacred Little Ones goals of helping families and teachers handle children’s emotional moments and improving children’s social and emotional skills and development.

Nahrin Aziz Parsons, M.Ed., ECE Faculty, our new Project Co-Director, is now coordinating the day-to-day operations of the Sacred Little Ones Project along with Shelley Macy, PI. NWIC has hired Alicia Allard as director of the Early Learning Center. We are so fortunate to have both Nahrin and Alicia as part of this Project to improve opportunities and experiences for children, families, teachers, and ECE program students.